Photoleap is one of the most amazing and powerful photo editing apps where you do stunning photo creations. You can make beautiful digital art with its advanced AI Image generator and image effects.

Photoleap has all the tools you need ranging from improving your photos to changing image backgrounds and animating your photos to turn your selfies into works of art. 

But is it free to use Photoleap? The answer is a combination of both yes and no. Photoleap comes with a free trial that lasts 7 days. During the trial period, you can use all of the app’s functions and tools without restrictions.

Once the trial period ends, you need to pay either $5.99/month or $35.99/ year to cash Photoleap Pro. You can also use the app with limited features and tools If you are not interested in buying Photoleaps’s subscription plan.

What are the benefits of Photoleap Pro?

Photoleap Pro is the premium version of the app loaded with tons of features and content that is not present in the standard Photoleap App. 

With Photoleap Pro, you can:

  • Create photos by giving text prompts using its AI Image Generator
  • Transform your selfies into various Art Styles using Photoleap’s AI Avatars
  • Put yourself in different places and scenarios using AI scenes
  • Improve your photos and change how they look
  • Add motion effects to your still images and turn them into 3D photos with a photo animator
  • Add layers to images to make them beautiful with Photo Maker
  • Make collages of multiple photos by putting them together
  • Add doodles and drawings to your photos by using the draw tool
  • Change the look of your photos by using fonts, brushes, filters, effects, stickers and more
  • Undo changes to your photos if you aren’t satisfied with the editing outcome
  • Save, share, and export your edited photos in HD resolution

Is Photoleap Pro worth it?

If you want an app that makes it easy and fun to make astonishing digital art and beautiful photo projects, then Photoleap Pro is worth trying out. Photoleap Pro is provided with all the latest updates and features by Lightricks on a regular basis. You can also share and export your photos in HD with Photoleap Pro if you’re thinking to take prints.

Photoleap Pro is worth it if you want to use the AI Image generator at its full potential because it is one of the most unique and interesting features. You can literally create any image by giving it a particular text prompt. For instance, if you type “baby enjoying inside an aquarium” it will create an image based on the prompt. 

Photoleap Pro is also worth checking out if you want to use its AI Avatar feature where you can turn your selfies into different types of art. You can make avatars in various categories such as cartoons, paintings, celebrities, animals and more. 

How to use Photoleap for free?

If you don’t want to pay the subscription charges for Photoleap Pro after the free trial, you can still use Photoleap for free with limited features and tools. You can edit your photos by using basic tools such as crop, rotate, flip, adjust, erase, text, stickers, filters and backgrounds.

But you won’t be able to use any of the AI tools or features available in the Photoleap Pro. You’re also going to have a Photoleap watermark on your edited images when you want to share and export them.

You will be able to use Photoleap for free by installing the app from App Store for iOS devices and from Google Play Store for Android Devices


How do I cancel my Photoleap subscription?

You can cancel your Photoleap subscription at any time by reading out our guide at the following link

How do I restore my purchases on Photoleap?

You can easily restore your purchases on Photoleap by going through the app settings and clicking on “Restore Purchases.” Use the same Apple ID or Google Account that you used earlier to buy the license. 

Are there any limitations in the free version of Photoleap?

Yes, the free version of Photoleap has certain limitations in terms of features and tools as compared to the Photoleap Pro. 


Photoleap is a very handy and dynamic photo editing app that lets you make amazing digital art and photos with its cutting-edge AI Image Generator. You can use the Photoleap app for free with limited features and content or you can avail the premium features with Photoleap Pro. 

You can get tons of amazing features such as an AI Image generator, AI avatars, the AI scenes with Photoleap Pro. You can also save and share your high-quality photos with high resolution. 

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